New Article! Taiwan Court Rules on Gamer Currency

28 Sep, 2017

Taiwan’s New Taipei District Court recently ruled that gamer currency is not the same as a smart card. Eiger associate Po-Hsiang OU explores the reasons for this ruling in a new article, now available for download from the Eiger site.

Introduction to Taiwan Competition Law

19 Sep, 2017

Learn more about Competition Law in Taiwan! Eiger’s Veronica LIN and Po-Hsiang OU recently held a presentation on competition law for the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan’s Automotive Committee. Their presentation is now available for download.

Eiger Prevails in Supreme Court

18 Sep, 2017

Eiger feels honored by a landmark judgment in which Taiwan’s Supreme Court upheld the firm’s motion to expand and redefine the investigatory period in criminal cases. This case, Supreme Court Judgement 106 Tai San Tzu No. 402, featuring Eiger’s senior associate Heather HSIAO as lead counsel, is the first ever to rule on a definition […]