Nathan has over a decade of professional experience in Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, advising clients in all matters pertaining to investment, corporate law, commercial trade, employment law and commercial disputes. Nathan serves as trustee on the board of companies in Switzerland, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He further provides one-to-one counseling, tax and estate planning to high-net worth individuals (HNWI). Nathan is a member of Eiger’s corporate, compliance, and tax teams.

As a senior partner of Eiger’s Greater China practice, Nathan commutes between Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei, and frequently travels to client sites in various other parts of the area.

Nathan is also active in the firm’s intellectual property team for the Greater China region, assisting international clients in their corporate and commercial projects.

  • Admitted to the Bar in 1999
  • Registered lawyer in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Registered foreign lawyer in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Registered European lawyer in Berlin, Germany
  • Registered foreign lawyer in Hong Kong SAR, China (JCYS)